The Emergent Leaders Program


Today’s successful organizations are well aware that their ability to attract, retain and optimize highly productive staff members, requires a willingness to invest in their employee’s development on the human as well as technical side.

Leadership Powered by The Human Element® and The Implicit Career Serach® is a systematic approach for improving the way leaders work together with their teams, leading to greater accomplishment of goals and better individual, team, and organizational performance.

High achieving individuals are now looking for more than financial remuneration for their efforts; they want to know that their employer is willing to work with them in developing their potential to the fullest. This means much more than providing benefits such as day care, golf trips and other perks.

Today’s employees want to be recognized for the expertise and creativity that they can provide to their company and successful organizations will provide means for their employees to develop and express their talents. All too often however, brilliant methods for improving organizational productivity blaze with promise, and then fade away. While the technical side of change is often well developed and executed, the necessary and accompanying human change is not addressed sufficiently to support this.

The Emergent Leaders Training Program will provide your organization with:


  • Successful leadership development
  • Effective succession planning
  • Increased retention of high-achievers
  • Personnel aligned with organizational mission
  • Better teamwork, greater cooperation
  • Greater respect for diversity

The program is an interactive workshop loaded with practical tools. It is designed to give participants maximum practice for developing their capacity to lead by helping them become more aware, lead others more effectively, get out of their own way, and reduce their unproductive, defensive behaviors.


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