The Human Element®


A blend of science-based instruments and interactive, experiential learning, this foundational and comprehensive solution addresses the unspoken interpersonal issues in organizations and provides the basis for individuals and teams to increase their effectiveness in working together.

Part One creates an open atmosphere in which people can solve problems. A process of self-discovery using experiential methods and FIRO® instruments helps people learn about their behavior and motivation and the impact this has on work.

Attend this 5 day public workshop for personal leadership, understanding how teams function, and how The Human Element approach can assist within your organization

Part Two addresses the organizational areas that drive results: compatibility among people, difficult conversations, teamwork, one-on-one relationships, and decision-making. By creating atmospheres where people speak directly and truthfully to each other, teams solve their own problems, become more accountable, and inspire each other.

This is a five day workshop designed to strengthen intact work teams.


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