From individual one-on-one sessions to public group workshops scheduled throughout the year, participate in our self-wellness solutions for greater self-awareness and enhanced potential.



At the heart of all human functioning is the self. The best solutions to organizational and leadership issues require self-awareness as an essential first step. Deeper self-awareness leads to self-acceptance and then self-esteem.

The Human Element Part One – Self Leadership

Take charge of your life by increasing awareness on how your behaviours and feelings impact yourself and others. Learn how to receive the behaviours and feelings you would like from others.


The Implicit Career Search – Career Leadership

Take charge of your career by determining its purpose; defining a path to achieve that purpose and developing your career from craftsperson to creator.


The Human Element Part Two – Team Leadership

Become a leader of teams and a leader within a team; understand how improving interpersonal compatibility increases productivity. Learn how group decision making contributes to innovation.


The choices you make determine the life you lead.



Take charge of your life with customized individual coaching and counselling services designed to support greater self-awareness, personal growth, and enhanced self-esteem. The fee for each one-on-one service is $200 / hr. Please contact the wellness team at to book in your initial complimentary session or appointment.

Business Leadership Coaching – The Human Element®

With the assistance of a Licensed Human Element Practitioner, utilizing an integrated methodology, explore and release your own pitfalls that are stopping you from reaching your leadership goals.

Career Coaching – The Implicit Career Search

In six sessions booked to fit your schedule, discover the purpose of your work and develop a step-by-step plan to deliver that purpose within a successful career.

Energy Healing for the Mind – The PEAT Method

Achieve increased clarity of thought, less emotional confusion and a marked ability to identify and achieve your personal goals through these simple and extremely effective techniques.

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapy Session

Discover this remarkable alternative curative healing method that is used to create subconscious change in a patient in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings.

Clinical Counselling Session

Using a mindfulness based and solutions focused approach, counselling services are available one-one-one to change patterns of thinking, improve self-esteem, and to uncover and address past experiences holding you back from your full potential, empowerment, emotional health and personal goals.

Practitioner Bio’s

See details on the facilitators of the group workshops, coaching and counselling sessions here, as well as contact information to book in your initial complimentary consultation.

To function best, you must know yourself. You must be willing to experience what you really are.


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